Sunday, July 10, 2011

And blogger is born!

So... I have to admit, being one of those technologically inept people, I have never blogged before. But, in fairness, I've never really had a good reason too. A couple weeks ago I made the decision to have the Slimband surgery. I've got mixed feelings about this decision. It seems a little extreme, and I have to admit the people around me have been less than supportive. But! I am extremely excited. I see this as the end to my dieting days and the first step in a long journey to finally obtaining a life long healthy weight.

So, I a bit about me. I'm 23 years old and I live in central Alberta. I recently built a house and moved in with my boyfriend of two years, who will henceforth be called TFG (that friggin guy). I work in oil and gas and spend most of my time out in the field surrounded by nature. It's a great job that keeps me out of the office and gets me home every night.

I am a fashion junkie. I love to shop and I love designer clothes. It makes me very sad that my wide bum doesn't fit into any of my design clothes anymore. At my heaviest I was 223, at my lightest 134. Currently, I weight 186 and wear a size 16. I'm ready for a change.

Some goals I've got in mind:
Get back into my size 28 jeans
Wear a two piece swim suit
Find an exercise activity I enjoy

I would really appreciate anyone who is willing to share their experiences and advice. It's a scary decision and I feel like I'm completely alone in the journey since everyone has been so negative. Finding this blog community was a real saving grace and I have been reading about everyone's experiences with great interest.

I guess that's all from me for now... I'm going to try and post here every week. Have a great week everyone!