Pictures from the Crazy Times

Live every moment to the fullest, with the best intentions and banish regret.

Ziplining in Mexico- 190lbs

Calf Wrassling (not wrestling) in Sask-202lbs

Riding ol' Beaskly- 155lbs

First Christmas with my baby-190lbs

Mexican Dolphins- 235lbs

First successful (temporarily) diet- 170lbs

Learning to Snowboard-167lbs

TFG & I at sister in laws wedding- 155lbs

White water rafting the kicking horse- 150lbs

Big Valley Jamboree (Awesome country music festival)- 153lbs

Me and my big ass bottle of Grey Goose

Leaving Thailand - 150lbs

Dishevelled in Thailand at the King's Birthday

Full Moon Party in Koh Sok, Thailand (yes that is black light body paint)

Face painting pandas in Thailand

Cliff diving in Thailand

Halloween with TFG- 167lbs