Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I am so FREAKING positive... Or not

Hi everyone,

I know I am a crappy, unfaithful blogger... But I do tune in here all the time to see everyone's posts and successes... You are all so inspirational, and I think there is nothing cooler than you ladies taking control of your weight and being so positive and upbeat well you are doing it.

Unfortunately, I am terminally uncool. I am not feeling positive and upbeat at all this past month. And for once it's not Alberta winter. It's my damn weight. christmas was a write off, but I managed to only gain abut 3 lbs which is basically a miracle. I got a 2nd fill Jan17th and now have a little restriction. After the fill I reached a new low 178.8, largely due to liquids. That was Wed. By Saturday my weight had jumped up to 184... Yikes. And yes, I know it's water and constipation and last nights steak dinner, but it's also a measly 4 lbs less than weighed the day of my surgery, 4 months ago.

I've even been pretty good... 1200-1400 calories a day, gym 3 days a week. Weight training with personal trainer twice a week. I'm not always perfect, but I am following the rules... And I should be skinny by now! Whaaaaa! Okay... I'm done.

So, obviously what I'm doing now isn't working, and I need a new plan. Maybe I have lost some inches... I should have measured before.

I know it's not a race, but I'd be happy with half a lb a week if it was consistent. I don't want to feel like this will be one more failed attempt at weight loss... I won't let it be. Sciencesays this has to work... And I will make it work. Did anyone else experience anything similar in the earlier stages of banding? What did you do to get the weight to start coming off? Any advice would be appreciated.

Peace, Love, Oatmeal <3

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