Friday, November 18, 2011

Vacation, Adventure in Fills and Pleasant Weight Loss Surpises

Hello my lovely, inspirational ladies. I know I don't SAY much, but I have been keeping up on all your happenings. It has been a zoo here! I've been on two holidays since I posted last, Las Vegas and Florida. Work is in year-end chaos, and I've had to major investigations on the go... no fun, no fun. Anyways, I thought I'd post some pictures from Flordia... and Harry Potter Land! They made the castle... it was intense. Anyways! Pictures!... are not included in this post because my P.O.S computer is broken. But next time, fo-shizzle.

Also, I had my first fill yesterday. It was a... interesting experience. The fill clinic is two hours away from house, so I got to make that enjoyable drive in a blinding snow storm. They are predicting -36 celius with the wind chill here tomorrow, so winter has come on hard and fast. Anyway, I got to the clinic which was smack in downtown Edmonton. I get inside, and there are two fill nurses, a trainee and the actual nurse. Guess which one had to poke 8 times before she hit the port? She had me believing the port was flipped for a long, nasty moment. Anyway, they added 1CC, which puts me at 7.5 CC. I feel a little more restriction today, but I'm told its too early to really know if its made a difference. They give fills every 4 weeks, so I hope this one made some difference. It would cuh-ray-zee to actually lose weight over the holiday.

I guess I should confess I'm a scale coward... I only want to step on the scale when I've been sort of well behaved for a week straight. The fill nurse made me weigh myself... something I haven't done since before Vegas. So, I weighed in at 179.5 lbs... down from 188.5 lbs on my surgery date Sept, 17th. I'll take that! I know some of that was my fluids recovery, but I've been on real food for 5 weeks now and no weight gain. Heck, I even lost on my Florida trip, which is fairly amazing considering how many lbs of crab legs I ate. Not quite my bodyweight, but close.

Happy Thanksgiving Season to (did I miss it already?) to all my American friends... I hope someone is thankful for that fact that it's not so f***ing cold down there. I know I was... 26 degrees, with a gentle ocean breeze sounds glorious right now. See you guys!

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  1. Love the ocean breezes, too ! I think you're doing a great job on the weight loss :)