Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Help... Weird symptom

Hey guys,

This is day four since my lap band was placed and I've developed some kind of weird symptoms. I am burping pretty much continiously, especially after drinking. Also I have some lower abdominal pain going on... Kind like there's a fist behind my belly button. I won't even tell you about gas passing... Yuck. Is this all normal guys? Any advice would be helful... I'm kinda worried and the clinic hasn't been much help. Thank!


  1. That's all very normal. You're expelling all the gas they pumped into you during surgery. Hell, I'm STILL gassy. LOL

    I think it's a bandster thing.

  2. It sounds like gas to me too. Normal and very annoying. It takes a week or so to work its way out of you.

  3. It's all normal. You should get used to burping...it happens to me often even 1+ years after surgery.

  4. I burp all the time... even two months after... one of the unfortunate side effects. Keep walking, that will help the gas! xxx