Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Lesser of Two Evils

Bah! At some point my wisdom teeth incisions became infected and it has been an extremely CRAPPY couple of days. I was given some nasty narcotic pain killers and some heavy duty antibiotics but I'll tell ya... The effects of taking this stuff is nearly as bad as the tooth pain. Yikes! But, it feels like a colony of bees has taken residence in my teeth, so I guess pain killers it is. Boo. I hope I am better before Wed because I am leaving on a long awaited holiday.

On a much brighter note, a friend of mine has decided to join me in my lap band journey. I couldn't be happier! In truth she will probably benefit from the surgery more than me, so I'm thrilled she has decided to go ahead. It will be so nice to have someone in the real world to share the experience with.

We're headed out on our house boating adventure next week and I can't wait. I need a break from real life and the Shuswaps is a little like Vegas that way. Yay!

Have a great weekend everyone.


  1. Oh you have brought back some painful memories of when I had my wisdom teeth out ... hope you're back to health for your house boat vacation - sounds heavenly !

  2. That's great about your friend! :) And sorry you're not feeling great, hope the pain killers are helping.

  3. Feel better soon, it's my opinion that tooth pain is one of the worst things that can happen to a person.