Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Puffyface McSnarlypants

Morning Everybody!

Normally, I wouldn't be posting in the middle of the day since I would be chained to my desk (or steering wheel) trying to save the world from certain doom. However, today I can post because yesterday I was lucky enough to have 4 very large, rooty teeth yanked out of my head.

So today I am puffy, nauseous and bitchy all rolled together into a delightful little ball. Poor TFG.

I wouldn't normally share this picture, since it's enough to scare small children, but seriously, check out my face! It's huge, and I can't even get a spoonful of yogurt in there with out slopping it everywhere. Grrr.

On a positive note, perhaps this tooth thing will prompt some weight loss as I seem to be drifting dangerously close to that 200 lb mark again. It doesn't seem like that long ago I weighed 230 lbs... it also doesn't seem like that long ago I weighed 153 lbs. Bah... how did I gain 40 lbs in 8 months? Also, since I decided to have the band surgery I seem to be suffering from Last Supper Syndrome. Except, my surgery is still a month away. So, I'm trying to get this problem back in check by practicing the habits I will need to use with Slimband. Eating frequent small meals, eating slowly, chewing a bunch, not drinking with meals. I wish I could say I'm hitting it out of the park, but at least I'm trying. :-)

Oh and a huge shout out to JRD over at Canuck BANDit Musings for calling my blog sassy and linking it on her page. I was so excited to discover I have 5 followers this morning. Thanks you guys! I am so happy I discovered this online community and the information I've found here has been a thousand times for helpful than the Slimband page- which is just full of colorful marketing propaganda. You are all inspirational and it's been a joy to blog stalk you for the last 4 months... and now it's an even bigger joy to not blog stalk you, and be a friendly, social blogger.

Cheers everyone!


  1. ::: waving hello ::: JRD and I were banded on the same day ... glad you're joining us ! Super cute blog name .. B.A.C.O.N. ... love it !

  2. Hi there! JRD sent me over. Following you now, looking forward to getting to know you!

  3. Thanks guys! My head looks HUGE right now... But dentist says it should be better in the morning. And thanks for following me... Its so much nicer to talk to somebody than to yourself. Cheers!

  4. Hey Jenine - you are SO welcome!! I completely agree about the Slimband page. I really wanted to be an active member over there, but I would post stuff, trying to open dialogue, and no one would ever comment or talk to me, so I took to blogland. It's been so much better! I do use the Slimtrakker, though, and find that an AWESOME tool, so check it out. As for your poor face - yikes! Was this wisdom tooth extraction? Poor you! Last supper syndrom is something I definitely fell victim to, hard as I tried, so just go easy on yourself, and do the best you can - I think you're rockin' out!! Take care of your mouth....mwah!